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Acquiring new customers. Developing new business requires a change in mindset as well as your behaviors. In order for a business to grow, you must want to develop new business. For most of the businesses we work with, this is a major change. Sales is the lifeblood, the driver, of business growth and success, so it has to be a central part of business development. Approximately 20% of salespeople are high performers. Another 60% of salespeople are failing. Most of the salespeople in the 60% bracket can improve if they get trained. The bottom 20% are hopeless, because in addition of being ineffective they are not trainable. The Pareto principle holds true, 80% of your revenue come from 20% of your salespeople. The sales game is always played in the “Red Zone”. The sales game has always been “swim or drown” 80% are drowning. To become victorious, we need tenacious sales people with the mindset to win.

Making the market aware of your offer. Marketing deals with buyers who are considering to buy, sales deals with buyers who know that they will buy. Marketing makes sales easy, it influencing the pre-contact process. With marketing you can increase your marketplace size, and increase your sales revenue with fewer of salespeople. Marketing creates the message of who you are, what you do to solve business pains and the benefits that you offer to your customers. The driver includes the firm’s: Website, Social media, Mass emails, Sales presentations, Advertising, Personal image

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