Sales Coach/Sales Mentor

Sales Coach/Sales Mentor
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Coaching represent over 33% of the successful leadership role and has the single greatest influence on the future success of the salesperson. The goal of coaching is continuous growth by the salesperson over a measured period of time, and to help the salesperson become the best version of himself. Coaching is a formal process that uses one-on-one meeting to help a salesperson achieve new levels of success by discovering hidden issues that inhibit their performance. Coaches probe below the surface of the issue to discover any potential “iceberg effects.”

The role of sales mentorship is to build capability. The developmental mentor helps the salesperson discover their own wisdom by encouraging them to work towards their goals or develop self-reliance. The mentoring relationship is off-line, the mentor does not have authority over the mentee. The relationship is mutually beneficial strong bonds are often forged. And these may outlast the lifetime of the mentoring relationship. Mentoring is a partnership between two people and emphasizes a mutuality of learning. However, mentoring is sometimes confused with coaching, teaching, or counselling. – Vicky Webster and Martin Webster (Eds)

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