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Effective training increases employee value through “up-skilling”. The concept of “up-skilling” involves extending an employee’s knowledge of an existing skill, providing more experts within a subject area. What percentage of sales people within your organization are formally trained to sale? With no formal sales training and very little real-world experience, today’s salespeople aren’t equipped to succeed. Sales has always been a “sink or swim” profession, so it is not surprising how many representatives end up drowning. According to Marc Wayshak (2013) “Most small business owners ‘suck’ at selling.” Sales drives revenue.

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Tenacity Red Zone, LLC (TRZ) is a Business Development Company (BDC) that focus on performance improvement. The mission of TRZ seeks to increase the growth of businesses through net new customers and expansion of existing customers. TRZ is committed to focus on Marketing, Selling, Customer Management, Business Planning, Partnerships and Feedback. Our purpose is to make you better [“Just Do You Better”].


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